Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Veggie Bar

The Veggie Bar is at 380 Brunswick St., Fitzroy Ph. 9417 6935

I’d like to contribute a review on the place that my husband (Nathan) and I went for dinner on Saturday night – the Veggie Bar. We had an absolutely wonderful experience – one I’d love to share with vegetarians and vegans alike.

In addition to having quite an extensive menu – ranging from Tex-Mex to Asian stir-fries and tempting desserts – the service and atmosphere are unparalleled in the world of veganism.

We were greeted by an up-beat and courteous waiter who sat us straight away, even in light of the fact that the place was packed! He was also very interested in looking after us and proceeded to give us recommendations after we explained that it was our first time there. We kicked off our great experience with a regular beer and wine. And I must stress “regular” because it’s the first restaurant with real vegan options in which I find a normal looking wine list. I mean, I ordered a glass of Mr Riggs!

I was most impressed with the menu. It offered vegan and vegetarian options. What I found most impressive – and creative – is that they placed an “O” in front of vegetarian dishes that could be made vegan on request.

We proceeded to have a small pizza – with vegan cheese – which had a very thin and crisp crust and very tasty grilled vegetables. The burrito that my husband ordered melted in the mouth and was filled with mildly spicy beans. I ordered a stir-fry with tempeh and tamari sauce that had a very home-made taste to it, which was just what I needed after a day walking around Melbourne. In the end we had to resist the temptation on ordering dessert – a flourless, vegan chocolate cake with soy ice-cream – but you can be sure that we’ll be back for more!

The Veggie Bar is a place for those looking for atmosphere (one that I heard has taken 20 years to create) and a great vegan menu – with no frills, just fresh food to enjoy.
Contributed by Sylvana
Comment: I have never been to VB but I note there are some very mixed reviews at Two Cows a site to keep vegetarian travellers informed

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Cindy said...

Yep, we are fans of the Vegie Bar. Over our multiple visits there have been a couple of mixed up orders and ordinary dishes, but generally the food is great (such a treat to see so many vego foods on one menu!) and excellent value for money.

I haven't found room for dessert yet, either. I hope someone else will rate the sweets for us!