Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ginger House

"Last night we wondered into Ginger House, 423 Bay Street Brighton.
My father was greeted by the host rather like a long lost relative, which always makes me slightly sceptical. The room is quite small, with approximately ten tables and although the decor is slightly dated it is obviously good quality and comfortable. Linen table clothes and attentive service all combined to a pleasant atmosphere. We started with the old favourite of chicken dim sims. They were perfectly cooked, light pastry filled with flavoursome meat which were nearly a meal in themselves considering their size. Next was the house speciality, peking duck. Excellent presentation with delicious sauce drizzled over the top, inside were lovely pieces of duck, juicy and with only a small amount of fat and finished off with crispy skin. We were off to a good start. Next was spicy bbq pork and while the pork was slightly disappointing, being overcooked the sauce was certainly aromatic.

Wine available by the glass was limited, but by the bottle there was a good selection of Australian wine to suit any budget. It is also BYO (wine only)

Ginger House certainly grew on me, and if I ever wanted a second opinion I could have always asked the steady stream of notoriously fussy Brighton-ites coming to collect their take-away. Each one Eric greeted by name."

Score: 13/20

Contributed by FB
I had to try Ginger House and got the opportunity last night.
It does have a nice atmospere and is a very comfortable suburban restaurant.
They also have a private room upstairs for about 15 guests
The service is prompt and friendly. Unfortunately we had a constant problem with the food.
Every dish was very over salted. I had to add 1/4 cup of water to make the normally delicate crab and sweet corn soup edible. The hot and sour soup was almost thick enough to eat with a knife and fork and very hot. Fried rice had to be returned (which they did graciously) The wild Barramundi fillet was beautifully cooked in ginger and shallots and crisp snow peas
but again the sauce was murderous and the mixed seafood with honeyed walnuts no better though it looked great
The sweet sour battered chicken had lain too long in the sauce, which was sweet but lacked sour, so the batter was completely soft defeating its purpose of providing textural variation to the dish
Soggy sweet and sour

I have to agree with FB's mark. As always it might have just been a case of poor selection of dishes

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Elliot and Sandra said...

That sound pretty good - I must try it Tx