Friday, October 05, 2007


Introduction: On the first floor at the Crown Entertainment Complex this quite beautiful restaurant looks over the Yarra towards the city.
Ambience: Quiet luxurious with tables on two levels. A large decrative tent at one side of the restaurant seas half a dozen patrons fo pre or post, dinner drinks

The tables are set with beautiful crockery
Service: Whilst there is certainly a good supply of waiters/waitresses several of the young ladies had difficulty understanding some specific requests regarding the food. The appearance of the floor manager quickly solved our problems.
The menu is Cantonese style, safe but unexciting as is the presentation

The dishes are all prepared to a high standard and what we had was beyond criticism. the basket of four dumplings was very good, each dumpling had distinctive flavour was delicate and of excellent texture. The deep fried lightly battered squid was tender and tasted good with the plum sauce which we requested.
The lightly battered butterflied whole barramundi was extremely crisp but retained sufficient moistness in the meat. We had this wih a sweet sour sauce, again at our request, and the crisp skin roast duck was totally delicious with a sweet apricot sauce.
A small serve of fried rice was actually quite large
Wine: A good range by the glass from about $9. The menu divides the largely Australian list first by type of wine and then by state of origin. The mark up is a bit steep, They also have a few premium French wines at a little over $1000/bottle.

Price: Very expensive and despite what is written on the menu, rather strange viz dumplings $13.64, squid $12.73 fish $56.82 duck$35.91 and rice $15-91!!

Comments: Far to expensive for the average punter

Score: 15/20

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