Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bopha Devi (also spelt Bhopa by Elizabeth Chong)

Introduction: If no one told you about this place you would never find it- which would be a shame. At 27 Rakaia Way, New Quay, Docklands, off Dudley St. Bhopa is a Cambodian Restaurant.
Flavours have been influenced by the French, Chinese, Indians and the countries on each side of them - Thailand and Vietnam. Coconut milk and coriander are common and hot chilli sauce is available for those who wish it but generally the flavours are subtle with out excessive use of spices.

I tried a variety of entrees and mains as follows:
Pork spare ribs with caramelised palm sugar sauce - super tasty but the pork could have been more tender Garlic chive rice cakes - a strange texture but I loved it

Vermicelli in crumbed fish curry soup - a beaut light coconut and curry flavour with a little coriander
Beef char Kroeung with fresh herbs another tasty sauce well cooked beef crisp vegetabes
Somlah Ga Gor with chicken a sort of vegetable chicken soup - a bit ordinary

Vutry Uoy's pork with fermented salted fishand crunchy vegetables. Seemed salty at first but proved to be very moreish

Amok of steamed fish - a Cambodian signature dish another light curry

Dessert: Rice flour dumpling in sweet coconut milk. Strange but nice
Comments: This is a family restaurant which among other things seeks to keep Cambodian culinary culture alive and is doing a very good job.
Mum front right does the cooking Mild tastes will not offend and are certainly unusual. I want to take my friends
Score: 13.75/20

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