Saturday, February 05, 2005


Suburb: South Yarra

Introduction: A big informal barn of a place with large glass windows facing Toorak Rd. Open cooking area

Ambience: Noisy friendly Paper covered linen table cloths

Service: Try hard but long way to go

Food: Excellent. We shared Mariniere mussels in white wine garlic sauce with French fries ($20) A deep fried Barramundi with lemon and olive sauce ($28) and a Bouillabaisse: Provencale soup with rouille (thin sliced crisp toasted bread) and croutons ($32) with a side dish of creamy mashed potato ($7) and finished with a dark rum panacotta accompanied by a small tower of strawberries and cream separated by thin sheets of dark chocolate ($12) strangely described as a millefleur. The bouillabaisse was a surprise, a pile of crustaceans, that tasted wonderful but you have to be prepared to eat with your hands.

Wine: House wines (Andrew Garrett) fine A reasonable choice for the buff

Price About $100 plus drinks

Comments: Whilst it is easy to be picky about some minor deficiencies in the cooking this is a place to come for reasonably priced very good seafood ( the wood chargrilled lobster looked wonderful)
Score: 15/20

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