Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Fisherman's Pier

Geelong 52224100
We had a wonderful luncheon on a Sunday afternoon. The ambience was very romantic and the views from the restaurant overlooking the small boats in the bay was splendid.
I must confess I gave my waiter a difficult time, but he came through with flying colours. He explained the menu, made the cocktails of our choice, they even offered us an umbrella when we left to get to our car because it was raining.
We chose oysters Kilpatrick (divine) with a glass of wine, Grilled Barramundi, the seafood pot dish with boulainbasse sauce with ruille, plus cocktails.
Wine choice was fantastic too. Price was approx $70 each for everthing.
Loved it , can't wait to go again.

Score: 17.5/20
Contributed by P.D.

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