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Melbourne Oyster Bar

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We went as a party of four, for dinner on a Saturday night.
Has anyone ever seen the television commercial, advertising the restaurant? Well it isn't anything like that. You are led to believe, the menu will be full of new exciting, and enticing dishes, and it would be an new innovative dining experience. We were all disappointed.
I ordered the grilled salmon, ( $35), it was boring, the same standard as any other local bistro. My friend ordered the ox fillet, ($40), sounds interesting , but is wasn' t. The oysters, we were all anticipating the biggest and the best, was again a let down. The Caesar salad was small and limp, the garlic prawns were average. Where was the spark, the new edgy ideas we were promised, nowhere.
Décor was strange, there are three levels, and it feels like you are dining in three class distinction, ground floor is economy class, and top floor is first class. Our waiter for the evening, was rude and never around when we needed him. But on the plus side, they have a good choice of wines, on the wine list. All in all, the verdict on the evening was expensive and boring. For a special occasion diners, look else where. Not very good.
Score: 11-12.5/20
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