Monday, July 23, 2018

Popular (Tel Aviv ) 07/2018

If you want a table here it's preferable to make a reservation. So we did. 6.00 pm or 10.00 pm! It's certainly Popular in more than name.
After a short wait we got our table. It was outside. Could we have an inside table please? Sorry, there are no inside tables! 

The whole restaurant is on the street. The toilet? Go into the hotel foyer and downstairs where there is a 'Popular' bar and toilets.
Tables are bare and small with room for little more than two dishes. 
Bread, which costs extra, comes with a couple of dips, one spicy, the other a sweet garlic in oil.
 For starters we had a very good confit leek. 
Buried here it was tender and had a lovely texture, however the contrasting green leaf salad would have been better left off the plate. A red fish sashimi was a fine dish, 

diminished by the heavy, coarsely cut salad it sat on. 
Main courses were another story.
Seafood paparadelles were well prepared with plenty of seafood 
although the creamy sauce was a little heavy.
Tenderloin steak was beautifully presented. 

Cooked as requested it was tender, juicy and well seasoned. Creamy potato mash had a garden of broccoli sprouting from it and the bone marrow was perfect.
Score:14 /20

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