Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Kaspi (Tel Aviv) 07/2018

When we look down from our balcony on the fourth floor 

we see cars,
 and a corner restaurant
 The blue and white check table cloths, French bistro style, looked attractive, although they turned out to be a practical plastic.
It was no trouble to go down there for some lunch.
There were only a few tables all occupied, inside the restaurant so we had to sit outside, which was quite pleasant.
Tables are barely set with cutlery and paper napkins in a container. 
Water comes in an old beer jug.
It's a kosher vegetarian restaurant. The short menu is available in English and Hebrew.
The first thing to come to the table is a small plate of pickles.
 We ordered an 'iron' salad, fresh beetroot, baby spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes and seasoning herbs with walnuts and roasted sesame seeds in a soy vinaigrette, served with Bulgarian cheese and mint yoghurt dressing.
 This is quite a mixture of flavours. The seasoning and dressing were so little in evidence that I think the soy was missing altogether.
Humus with roasted mushrooms, tahini, parsley, paprika, olive oil

Served with pita bread was as good as we could wish for.
Green felafel patties served with tahini and parsley were excellent
The hand cut French fries, served with a little bowl of ketchup are a curiosity in size and shape,
 crisp or soft, small or large, they're all on the plate and they taste fine,.
Score:13.5 /20

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