Monday, June 06, 2016

Vue de Monde (Melbourne CBD) 05/2016

Vue has been our favourite restaurant in Melbourne since it's earliest days in Drummond St. Carlton where chef Shannon Bennett was occasionally helped out by his mother. Despite several changes of venue and a huge staff the elements that appealed so much, imagination, adventure, theatre and taste have been continued and enhanced by the venue and the professional service. 

This was our menu:

“Chiko Roll”, fermented buckwheat, charred cabbage

Moonlight flat rusty wire oysters, green grapes

David Blackmore Wagyu, celeriac, prawn

King George whiting, last season preserved tomatoes, quandongs

Marron tail, squid, and roasted chicken emulsion

Marron snag

Crushed Yukon Gold potatoes, Yarra Valley salmon roe and black shellfish sauce

Lemon myrtle with sheep sorrel and flowers

Flinders Island lamb, Asian greens, macadamia

Veal loin with cabbage and milk

Aged Milla’s farm duck breast, leek, fermented truffle

Eucalyptus flavoured ice cream presented like a cherry 
Jerusalem artichoke with pear and white chocolate

Chocolate soufflé

Assortment of cheeses, bread, jams

on request this rather tiny serve was increased to about three times as much!

A selection of petit-fours
We enjoyed a very excellent 2013 Bass Phillip Pinot Noir, Gippsland, Victoria 
Comment Justin James has taken over as head chef since Cory Campbell left about a year ago. The style is largely unchanged but the menu is perhaps a bit less kitschy than previously. It is, if anything, better than ever. There is no such thing as a go to dish the whole meal was fantastic
Score:19 /20

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