Monday, June 06, 2016

East Court (Taree, New South Wales) 05/2016

For the passing traveller Taree looks like a nice town and, for the passing traveller it is.
I tried East Court because it was the first place I came to for a meal.
It was a step back into the past. 

Something one would have seen 50 years ago. Even then the décor would not have been modern.

They have an impressive smorgasbord of Chinese dishes

 including deep fried, 

steamed and fresh. 

If I was hungry, for $22 I would have had that. It did not look too tired but I decided on a la carte.
A short soup was standard fare. 
If I close my eyes for a moment and the opened them to see this dish of stir fry beef with vegetables

I could have been anywhere in a thousand undistinguished Chinese restaurants. A plate of mixed vegetables was equally undistinguished.
Their special fried rice was special for it's absence of taste. It was dry filled with all the things you get in fried rice, but too dry and almost tasteless.
The buffet is undoubtedly the best value.
Score:12.5 /20

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