Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ghost Rock (Port Sorell NW Tasmania) 06/2016

On the outskirts of Port Sorell few people would come across this place by accident and most would pass by at 80 km/hr unaware of what they were missing. Signage is sadly lacking on the approach roads to a place that really is of interest to tourists.
Perhaps this is Ghost Rock!
Set on a hill above the vines the 

Cellar Door tasting area is at the side of a simple cafe style dining space. The area is run by Scott Wolfson, an enthusiastic young man. The place has a very clean look about it.  When I arrived every table that was occupied had on it a huge antipasti plate, The Ghost Rock Platter, a serve for two or three people.
Other dishes on the menu include foccacia and pork belly and apple pie. basically they do not cook in the kitchen.

Decor is plain and simple,

but the views are attractive.

I had to have the platter and requested a small one. It’s an advertisement for Tasmanian produce. 

Marinated mussels, three different presentations of salmon, smoked salmon 41degree salmon rillette, hot smoked salmon, pesto, black garlic marinated in balsamic vinegar, olives, a slice of beef sausage sun dried tomatoes, stuffed bell pepper, red capsicum, eggplant, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, pickled onion, smoked chicken breast, chicken liver pate on a bed of leaves and four different cheeses with toasted bread and biscuits plus a bread roll and butter. Every element of this platter was excellent, very fresh and full of flavour. The black garlic exceptional
I enjoyed this with a sparkling non alcoholic Elderflower drink, a delicate Tasmanian specialty.

I finished with a raspberry parfait, ice-cream and a double espresso. 

The only tiny negative was the ice-cream  which had become too soft and been refrozen leaving little ice crystals in it. A truly surprisingly satisfying lunch.
A small area is set aside for Tasmanian handicrafts and souvenirs. 
A beaut place to visit and taste their many prize winning wines at reasonable prices and enjoy a great taste of Tasmania.
Score: 14/20

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