Monday, June 13, 2016

Rialto (Burnie) 06/2016

Very simply decorated it had lead glass windows depicting the famous bridge on the door

and the window to the street.

There is an ancient cash register on the counter as you come through the door.

My waitress had no idea of the owners of this Italian restaurant were from Venice, in fact I doubt that she knew where the Rialto Bridge was. This was hardly of any importance, of course. She was there to convey orders and deliver food to the table. 
I started with a minestrone soup which looked and tasted like a thousand others. A request for bread was met with "We only serve garlic bread" Which I thought a little limiting. Parmesan was available but I had to ask for it and I also had to ask for water. For a main I chose a scaloppini marinara. 

The veal was totally covered in a thick layer of seafood including plenty of scallops and prawns. They were in quite a light sauce and tasted good but, when I found the veal it was in small tasteless slices.
That was about enough for one night.
Score:13.75 /20

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