Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alma (Jerusalem) 12/2011

I would have thought this was a hole in the wall restaurant and never considered eating here but friends assured us it was a great place to go for a meal. It's in an area adjacent to a square known, for good reason, as Cat Square. We could have sat inside but it was a fine day so we sat outside beside wind blown bare tables with plastic cutlery, and in the company of half a dozen hungry cats. To my surprise the food was quite good. I had a 'Jerusalem Mix' This was an offal and meat dish of chicken liver and hearts with pieces of chicken on a fresh baked thin pita bread. A small dish of tahina and another of a hot sauce completed the dish. If you like that sort of food, and I do, it was excellent. Sandra had a plate of lamb kebabs which were also very goodas well as a serve of porchini mushrooms. Beef was another alternative which I tasted with which I would have been perfectly happy.It all came with the traditional huge plate of salad. Beer and wine were available.
If this place had been in a nicely furnished room with decent cutlery and crockery and well dressed staff it would rate very well, but it's not. The food is excellent.

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