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Vue de Monde (Melbourne) 11/09

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The chefs 10 course menu at VdM has been an unfailing triumph for us over the last decade or more and last week was no exception. Dish after dish from the exceptional amuse bouche to the lemon souffle was a joy to the palate and the eye. As always, although there have been some staff changes the service was impeccable. Part way through the meal when I mentioned that we had particularly enjoyed a lobster dish Gareth, who was looking after us, arranged for an extra dish a marron on a rock which I will speak about after the photo of it.
This is what we were served.

Confit egg with white asparagus and wood sorrel.
Cooked at 62 degrees for 12 minutes, the egg white separated and replaced at the base of the shell, served with Panku (bread crumbs), a lightly battered asparagus and a tarragon emulsion. Like a variation of a coddled egg the crunchy bread crumbs and tarragon emulsion added an extra dimension to the endless appealing ways that eggs can be served. This was an exquisite start for the meal.

Asparagus textures
2000 Moët & Chandon Cuvée Dom Pérignon Champagne Épernay, France
An unusual presentation of a variety of cuts of asparagus with a light warm mayonnaise finished with an asparagus juice. A fine, multi textured gently flavoured dish.

Classically inspired white truffle risotto
NV Barbadillo Oloroso Dulce 30yo Jerez, Spain
This risotto, cooked to perfection was enormously enhanced by the white truffles which had been harvested only 36 hours ago and retained superb taste, texture and aroma - to die for!


French toast, green apple purée and foie gras with eight spice and jamón Joselito ibérico
2007 François Chidaine Montlouis ‘Les Tuffeaux’ Loire Valley, France
Another outstanding dish, the 'Pain perdu' a sweet French toast topped with a great Iberica jambon matched and contrasted with the puree and the eight spice for added flavour.
Whiting and basil ballotine, tomato infusion and mozzarella noodle
2007 Adegas Valmiñor ‘Davila’ Galicia, Spain
Served with a tomato stock infused through herbs in a Cona coffee percolator this is a dish of balanced gentle flavours eaten slowly to enjoy all its variation.

Roasted marron with bisque glaze and radish served on hot river stone
1998 Domaine Long-Depaquit Chablis Grand Cru 'La Moutonne' Burgundy, France
The marron sat on a bed of marron mousse and was accompanied by dollops of homogenized sea urchin which, while retaining the distinct flavour of the sea urchin, were not over whelming. The rock, from the Yarra river bed near Heidi Gallery, had been thoroughly sterilized by being roasted at high temperature before being accepted for table service. The baby turnips, also from the Heidi gardens were a crisp delight and the lightly cooked marron as good as it gets.

Liquid verjus at - 8°C
Prepared at the table the addition of this super cooled verjus resulted in the formation of a little iceberg in the glass. A favourite at Vue for good reason.


Western plains pork with flavours of earth
2007 Kanonkop Pinotage Simonsberg, South Africa
A rack, in this case one small pork chop, a piece of loin, like belly but not as fatty, and pork neck were a fine trio with a slice of crisp bacon and cep mushroom powder added to this dish completed with an excellent sauce.

Poached loin and rillette of lamb with Pedro Ximenez reduction
2002 Raymond Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve ‘Rutherford’ Napa Valley, United States of America
If the previous dish was excellent, and it was, this was even better. It might have been called lamb three ways with a rillette flanked by a delicate piece of loin and some sweetbreads. Tender and juicy, with a collar of potato it was a carnivores delight.

Le Napoleon, almond toast, fennel and cherry salad, cherry ‘pâte de fruit’
2008 Albino Rocca Moscato d’Asti Piedmont, Italy
A firm tasty cheese enhanced by the cherry jelly.


This was a total surprise. you open the carton and this is what you see.

Egg shells filled with super rich flavoured mousses and foams. A dessert for the taste conscious not the health conscious. I loved it.

Lemon meringue soufflé
1993 Domaine Disznókó Tokaji Aszú’5 Puttonyos’ Takaj, Hungary
Although there were still a variety of petit fours to come with tea or coffe we made this magnificent lemon souffle our last dessert. As with the rest of the meal this was beyond criticism with a disinct, but not overwhelming lemony taste and perfect texture for the souffle.
There were a few tiny imperfections. It always irritates me when I put a piece of cutlery on the edge of a plate and it slides down into the centre of the plate, specially if it has soup in it!
To some extent taking matched wines, presuming some person with superior taste and judgment will chose wines that will not only match the food you are eating but also your taste is high risk and almost certain to fail to please at times. On the two occasions where the wines did not satisfy the response was an instantaneous offer of a replacement. The timing of the delivery of the wines was often well before the food arrived thus it was almost finished before it could be enjoyed with the dish which it was matched.
The distinguishing features of meals at VdM are the use of the finest ingredients prepared with imagination and finesse to express the flavours of the foods in balanced combination. Dishes are presented like art on a plate by staff who go out of their way to please their clients. Seasoning is discreet. It is rare to find one flavour dominating a dish
Score:19 /20

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