Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hooked (Windsor) 09

Those fliers that appear so frequently in my letterbox offering handyman services, carpet cleaning, cut price pizzas free home delivery for orders over $x free drink with presentation of this card and similar must work or they wouldn't keep on offering them. Hooked at 172 Chapel St came up with with a couple of offers and their claim to offer the best seafood etc was quite appealing so I took myself off there. Despite the flattering reviews posted on their windows the place is tired to the point of exhaustion.
It is terribly in need of a total makeover. It offers eat in or take away. They have a massive communal table, seats about 14, with a selection of magazines, and a few small tables including a couple on the footpath. A pile of dull looking cutlery in a crude box on the table,
uncomfortable chairs and dull decor encourage the take away option.
Their most popular meal is battered or grilled Blue Grenadier with Bok choy and hand cut chips
or sticky rice. ($9.90) so that's what I had, the batter and the rice.
They offer a variety of other fish and calamari. The batter was crisp and cooked through but a bit thicker than I would have liked inside of it two rather small moist and tasty fillets rested on a mound of sticky rice which had been cooked until it had congealed into a homogenous mass. Unrecognizable as rice.
They have a frig. full of soft drinks and another labelled Booze but no tea or coffee and another small deficiency, no toilet!
Hooked I am not.
Score: 12 /20


Anonymous said...

You can't be serious! The place looks great, they're obviously going for the rustic look, I think you just missed the point! And really, I can't understand why anyone would expect tea and coffe to be served in a fish and chip shop? I'm a very big fan of hooked: the food is always delicious and the staff are great too.

Elliot & Sandra said...

I'm completely serious. The fish and chips may be very good. Their rice was dreadful. The place looks grubby. I can't imagine what would grow from a swab of the table. If they offer beer I reckon they could offer coffee. Better if they just stick to takeaway then a toilet would not be necessary, except for the staff, but a sit down restaurant and no toilet!! What more is there to say.

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight... there most certainly is a toilet!

Elliot and Sandra said...

Matbe but when I asked they told me to go across the road!