Friday, November 13, 2009

Ichi Ni (St.Kilda) 09

Housed in an inside outside split level venue, a bit like an open hut with peculiar, though not unattractive, Japanese decor
around a large open central kitchen
at no.12 on the Esplanade. Ichi Ni offers its food in an environment dominated by an impressive level of noise making conversation difficult. It offers a wide range of dishes in the izakaya style.
Of this tells us "
Izakaya are restaurants that serve mostly Japanese food and various kinds of alcohol (everything from beer to sake and shouchuu). The main difference between izakaya and conventional restaurants is the variety of alcohol available at an izakaya, while the izakaya distinguishes itself from typical bars by the comparatively larger volume of foods it serves. You could say that izakaya resemble American “Bar-and-Grill”-style establishments. One of the best things about izakaya is that no matter how many times one visits one, there is always something else on the menu to enjoy so it's hard to get tired of the selection."
In keeping with that they are fully licenced and offer no BYO. We tried a variety of small dishes including Gyoza -five for $10
were of no distinction as was sea food tempura ($12).
I can do better myself. Miso soup ($3.5) served in the traditional bowl, without a spoon,

was totally ordinary. Rice, which we ordered to eat with these entrees ($4/small bowl) came to late. Grilled tofu was dry and hard

Pork belly, normally one of my favourite dishes, was an encouragement to vegetarianism, tuna sushi a prawn dish with a crispy coating
were equally unimpressive as was a skewer of scallops.($8)
A seafood don ($20) consisting of a skewer each of calamari, white fish and prawns served on rice with a miso soup was yet another disappointment.
The only things enjoyable about the meal were a lychee vodka and lime ($15) and an excellent Kisakura Pure saki ($12).
Price: Expensive if you are hungry
Comments: All dishes were served on coarse china and none had any sign of the delicacy I associate with fine Japanese food. Add that to the noise and for us this place has a returnability factor of zero.
Score:10 /20


Anonymous said...

Sounds decidely horrible. At least when we went, the food was edible.

Perhaps give En Izakaya or Maedaya a go.

Vee said...

Hmm, I can't say any of that looks particularly inspired, especially for the price or the location! I think St Kilda has much better options! Personally I find it hard to stay away from Lau's Family Kitchen whenever I'm around those parts...

Sydney Hotels said...

The food sounds delicious but it doesn't deserve to be priced that much.

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi Sydney H
Tut tut, no sarcasm now.
The food never came close to realizing its potential. It was mostly dull and overcooked!

Em said...

I feel you are being rather hard on this place. It is in a stunning location and the ambiance inside was relaxing with slightly classy overtones when we were there. The staff were delightful, and the food tasty but I do agree that it somewhat over priced considering the small servings.

Elliot said...

Hi Em
I guess they never came close to my anticipation of delicacy, aesthetically pleasing presentation and lightly cooked tasteful food. The location is great tho' I slightly resent the parking rip off, which has nothing to do with them. The beer hall ambiance did not appeal to me and oyu can't eat the view!