Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Help needed to support Streetsmart charities

In a world with big budgets and high overheads, Streetsmart http://www.streetsmartaustralia.org/restaurantevent is one of those charities that helps the small and local, roping in cafes and restaurants to support often forgotten frugal local causes.

On Monday 9th November its 2009, running until Christmas Streetsmart’s campaign kicks off. The idea is that diners leave an extra $2 for Streetsmart, which distributes the funds to local homeless-related charities, the kind that only really need a few thousand dollars.

It isn’t a big charity but it is worthy and important because it works at the hyperlocal level (and you can find participants on a Google map here, paste this into your browser, http://www.streetsmartaustralia.org/findrestaurant )

What can you do to help?

Have a look at http://twitter.com/StreetSmartAust on Twitter or join its Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5985883876 page for updates on events.

If you are a diner and you have a choice of where to have a coffee or eat, choose a Streetsmart supporter and help by donating $2, that’s 2 lousy dollars. Nothing really.

If you have a blog (any blog, it doesn’t have to be about food) or you Twitter,you can help by promoting Streetsmart and pass on the messag to blogger and Twitter friends who may like to help. This is a great time for social media to show its solidarity whle old fashioned media are in flux and haven’t in many cases the resources to help right now.

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