Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Introduction At 27-29 CrossleySt, near the top end of Little Bourke St they describe their food as South East Asian street food - hawker style and from what I had of it that's pretty accurate.In my comments I will expalin why I have little to say about the food.
Ambience Another very noisy restaurant.

Tables are very close together so waiters/tresses continually brush against patrons or bump into them. The bare perspex chairs are uncomfortable and the attempt to reproduce the night sky effect of 1000's of stars using pin lights might have been pleasing had the uproar not precluded any possibility of enjoying anything delicate or sensitive.
Service The hostess went out of her way to be obliging however the rest of the staff were smply not up to it. They were slow, gave poor advice, missed the point of questions and when requested to change our plates said "No you'll need them"

Food The menu is designed for sharing with a range of small and larger dishes. I found the food unexciting. As noted in the Age the menu has flexibility but I did not find the few dishes we tried distinguished in any way

We only had a bottle of wine and three of the small dishes which were mildly spiced and not very different from each other!
Wine They are keen on special cocktails and have a modest wine list

Price Small dishes up to $16.50 Large $27 - 35 Desserts about $14

Comments After a series of mishaps we left I find it disturbing that anybody could seriously suggest that Gingerboy be in the running for best new restaurant of the year. Although it is a different kind of food try The Press Club

Score: 12.5/20

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