Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cafe Di Stasio

Introduction An institution at 31 Fitzroy St St. Kilda for the very good reason that the food is so good
Ambience Rather barely decorated there are about 15 tables crowded into a fairly small space yet it is usually quite cold. A plain but pleasant room

Service Despite the goodly number of white coated waiters the service is slow - probably due to the kitchen While waiting enjoyed the baguette style bread

Food I will edit and add to this soon. Meantime suffice it to say you can hardly go wrong. Today I had the two course menu with a glass of wine (now $30) The pasta with eggplant was excellent though a rather small serve. The King George whiting in light batter was as expected. It comes as 2 small fillets with a half a lemon and tartar sauce. Any side dishes are extra. They were not skimpy with the potato chips which were well prepared. A dessert of Chocolat mousse had enough calories for the week. It was rich, smooth and creamy with good flavour

Wine A modest list. Quite pricy
Price With an extra glass of wine $80
Comments More to come next week

Score: You'll have to wait!! The Age did give them 2 Hats

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