Monday, February 26, 2007

Bistro Thierry

Introduction Surrounded by competitors at 511 Malvern Rd Hawksburn. this very French bistro has been doing it's thing for about 5 years
Ambience All the waiters have distinctly French accents. White table cloths with paper covers, crowded tables and somewhat uncomfortable chairs do not detract from an amiable bustling atmosphere

Service A little slow on a busy night but reasonable

Food Plenty of specials as well as a good a la carte menu. The French onion soup was superb. The onions cooked to sweet perfection well balanced with the gruyere topped bread and a good volume of liquid not totally absorbed by the bread. Unfortunately the chef did not demonstrate such a light hand with the Mussels in a tomato sauce. Overwhelmed by the sauce any taste of the mussels was quite lost. The rabbit with chorizo was well prepared and not too spicy but there was still a lack of balance with the herbs - particularly Rosemary. Their fillet was a very good piece of meat served with plenty of Bernaise sauce and a good size bowl of 'pomme fritte'

The tart tartan was unusually good and worth waiting for
Wine Modest selection by the glass or bottle including a popular French Champagne (Billicarte) $18 and a Domaigne Chandon of unknowable background - the standard NV I suppose $10 A reasonable Merlot $8

Price About $150 for two with a glass of wine

Comments Very nice for a casual dinner. Beaut atmosphere, friendly staff

Score: 13.75/20 Getting a bit finicky with the points here!

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