Monday, February 05, 2007


Introduction At 181 Victoria Ave, Albert Park you get Chinese/S/E Asian fusion food with a light touch
Ambience Pleasing atmosphere

Service Well staffed, attentive without being oppressive.

Food Soon after it opened , a couple of years ago, I had a rather indifferent meal here. After this however I think it was mostly because I ordered dishes which were to dull.

The entree of duck salad was excellent - plenty of duck and delicately spiced, the quail was also verty tasty and the spiced fried crumbed calamari very acceptable with a light chilli background
Of the mains the slow cooked pork ribs with the special sauce melted in the mouth. Delicious. Their beef as tender and tasty and the whole baby snapper in sweet and sour plum sauce, also with a mild chilli would have been better if it had been cooked a little less so as to be more moist - or less dry to put it another way
It's probably wiser to keep creme brulee for French restaurants tho it was passable, and accompanied by a good serve of vanilla ice cream
Wine Licensed or BYO ($10/ bottle) we did bring our own but they do have a very good wine list

Price Around $100 for 2 plus wine

Comments Definitely one of the better suburban restaurants of its type

Score:14.5 /20

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