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Rocks on Rosalind (Bendigo) 05/2015

Around the heart of Bendigo almost every building has a plaque 
describing a little of the buildings history.
Rocks on Rosalind (the fine, large park alongside Bendigo's main street) is no exception. This fine building dating from the 1860's, was once a bank and there's plenty of evidence of that inside the restaurant. They have a basement dining area but the large high ceilinged main dining room 
features a large safe 
cut into one wall which is used as a wine storage and private dining area.
That pattern of black spots is made up of wine bottles in a rack. On the opposite wall one of the glass panes has a bullet hole, 
the last sign of a bank robbery.
As well as an a la carte menu a sandwich board advertises a luncheon special 
and the menu is impressive. It reads like this:

Scallops. Almond Skordalia, chive oil, shaved almonds, rhubarb chips.

Slow Braised Squid. Smoked paprika ragout, chorizo, tomato, basil.

Buffalo Haloumi. Orange, clove and beetroot relish.

Wild Mushrooms. Truffle goat cheese.

Master Stock Pork Bao Buns. (Actually one bun) Soy ginger caramel, pickled carrot,bean sprouts.

Hand Cut Chips. Twice cooked, garlic aoli.

Sounds very impressive. So this is what they served.
 A very nice sourdough and the balsamic and olive oil were excellent.
A very small serve. The scallop tender and sweet, the haloumi dull but the squid very good, improved by the accoutrements.
All more than pleasing tastes. 
I was reasonably satisfied although it is quite a small lunch.
A pleasant glass of wine 
made the whole thing good value.
 Score: 14/20

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