Thursday, May 31, 2018

Restaurant Galicia (Bendigo) 05/2018_

Galicia where's that? Well it's a is an region in the north of Spain, 

BUT Restaurant Galicia is on the main street of Bendigo, squeezed between McDonalds and the Salvo's.
Naturally they serve Spanish food. A small bowl of seasoned corn 

encourages thirst. There is a small menu of local and European wines at very reasonable prices.
It's a small place, formerly the site of Bouchon, a good French restaurant.
The restaurant seems to be unchanged 

with a few pictures on the walls and changes to the decor to produce a Spanish flavour.
They have small serves and mains which are also designed to share. Unfortunately on this occasion  I was eating alone. 
I started with a capsicum stuffed with a tuna paste. 
That might sound pretty ordinary but it was delicate and subtly tasty. I would have loved to have the paella but it's a serve for two. Next time I come here I'll have it anyway.
For now I chose what is probably, deservedly, one of their signature dishes - Pulpa Al a la Gallega

This large meal of the most delicate octopus on a bed of boiled potatoes was garnished with an absolutely fantastic rich capsicum sauce. A real 'go to dish' and it would be great to share.
I wanted to try a spanish dessert so the 'fried milk' was the best choice.

A sweet, hot, lightly crumbed and fried smooth, soft milk jelly, with a sweet nutty dip, it was pleasant but unremarkable. If you like sweet you'd have to like it - I did.
Few a few more $$ you can get away from the pizzas and hamburgers and have a really interesting meal. The cuisine is traditional, quality, domestic style national food Price: I paid $56 for three courses and a glass of Heathcote shiraz. 
Score: 14/20

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