Thursday, May 24, 2018

Harmony BBQ and Seafood Restaurant (Malvern) 05/2018

The name tells you most of it. It doesn't tell you that this used to be Ripples BBQ and Seafood restaurant but to all intents and purposes it is identical.
The venue is exactly the same. The ducks hanging in the front window, the aquarium next to the entrance, the cashier and bar set up, 
even the table positions. 
Daily yum cha with uniformed wait staff 

pushing trolleys filled with small dishes also continue as before. Prices are marginally increased but pretty average for these meals. 
We had a good variety of steamed dumplings, 
spring rolls and deep fried dishes 
as well as chicken pie and chicken feet.

The best thing was the quality of the dough in the dumplings. It was not too thick, well cooked and held the ingredients together well. Unfortunately the Singapore pork dumplings had no soup in them.
There was nothing to criticise. In all a god yum cha worth a visit.
Comments Score: 14/20

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david said...

Dear Elliot and Sandra,
I always enjoy your restaurant reviews. Thank you for blogging.
I fully endorse your comments on dim sum at Harmony. I enjoyed going to Ripples and now to Harmony. The renovations at the change of ownership have created a more spacious and comfortable restaurant without different levels in the main part of the dining room.
In April I held my eightieth birthday celebration at Harmony, eighty five guests at eight tables. Food and service were faultless. I commend dinner at Harmony.
By the way I suggest that the dim sum at Ripples, Bentleigh are also excellent with a greater variety than at Harmony.
Please keep on sharing your experiences with your readers.
David Pittock