Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Zipfer Bierhaus (Salzburg) 12/2016

Salzburg is a sophisticated city with elegant fashionable shops abounding. When we were visiting X'mas markets occupied many of the town squares offering fruit and vegetables,

food especially sausages, cheese

 and chocolates - Mozart balls especially. 
and sausages!

Around University square shop windows display A$30K necklaces. 
Despite this he expectation when entering an historic beer house/restaurant 

is not to get an haute cuisine Austrian dinner but rather a decent beer and a local meal. Zipfer does just that.
It's a big place with smoking and non smoking areas. It is full of a warm  'atmosphere' 
with locals, German and Austrian tourists as well as many from further afield.

Waiters are efficient and offer seating at shared tables where you may find yourself sitting with people speaking any of a myriad of languages. Menus are in German and English so if you order hearts and lungs it should not be by accident. (We didn't)
We had a Viennese soup which is a boullion with beef, vegetables and noodles,

which was warm and satisfyibg. A main of Eisbein, (roast pork) with knodel and sauerkraut.
This was also warm and more satisfying, and a dessert, apple strudel.

which was cold and most satisfying.
Prices are very reasonable. The menu indicates that service is included but I forgot this and asked our waiter who said it was not so he got a double tip.
Comments: A very decent Austrian meal in a local venue.
Score:13.5 /20

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John Salisbury said...

Thanks Elliot and Sandra

Wendy and I are planning a visit to that neck of the woods later this year. We will probably eat there when in Salzburg.

Your reviews are invariably special.