Sunday, December 18, 2016

Nagywilliam Etterem (Vishnegrod) 12/2016

Looking over the Danube on a high hill some 30 Km. from Budapest this restaurant is very reminiscent of a hunting lodge. Walls are decorated with pictures of birds and animals 

and stuffed heads, even fish!

Decorative double doors 

open into a corridor leading to a large room warmed by a wood fired stove

where hexagonal tables
 look over the Danube and  distant castles.
 they are noted for their venison ragout,
which was excellent for a wintry day.
Breaded foie gras on a bed of potato with cabbage and apple was another good winter dish. In this case the potato surpassed the foie gras which was almost lost in the heavy breading.
Comments Score:13.25 /20

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