Sunday, December 25, 2016

The AmaVenita (Budapest to Amsterdam) 12/2016

The first thing that struck me when it came to eating on the APT river cruise ship AmaVenita was the concentration on hygiene. Hand sanitisers are in front of the lounges and dining room. Tongues are every where and every one is encouraged to use them constantly. 
There are two restaurants, a small, perhaps 32 seat, chef's restaurant endeavouring to serve a higher quality degustation menu and the main restaurant which seats about 160 patrons. All tables, set with white linen, seat a minimum of four.

Breakfast is a choice from the buffet or/and a selection of cooked dishes such as eggs Benedict waffles, minute steak, or whatever. The bread and pastry stand is impressive.
A chef prepares omelettes to your taste.
Lunch and dinner are also a buffet affairs 

with an extensive menu with choices of appetisers, soups, mains and desserts. French fries are always available too.

Dinners are a little more elaborate with more choices.
House white and red wines are freely available as are some basic spirits and a house cocktail. Some better quality drinks are available at very reasonable prices.
Presentation is a strong point.

This soup 

with a strawberry topping looked interesting and tasted excellent. Most tasted good.
Main courses varied in quality but always looked great.
Cheese and biscuits were also always available.

Desserts were also varied and attractively presented with ice cream available if desired.
Occasionally a selection of petit fours appeared

Wait staff were exceptionally keen to please and always seemed pleased to see us! 
Daniel looked after us for most of our meals.
Comments: The food did not always meet the expectations of the presentation and it was extremely difficult to get food cooked anything less than medium rare. Baked fish was almost always dry. Not with standing that dishes displayed considerable imagination, combinations of flavours were varied and consistently matched well.
They do maintain a pretty good standard.
Score: 14.25/20

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