Monday, August 29, 2016

The Mac (Portland Victoria) 08/2016

Unless someone has highly recommended a gastropub I no longer go to pubs for food. Of course I do get a meal and it's usually quite substantial and not over expensive, but nowadays I go to see what they are like.
The Bentink, commonly known as the Mac 

is a very old place. 

Virtually everything about the place seemed to be old with the exception of the gas fire 

and the staff. Certainly it is a great building dating from the 1850's and it makes no pretence to being modern. It has a nice ceiling with central roses, 

the dated wall paper is covered in old photos from the 19th century 

and the carpets, 


the furniture,

the newspaper here was three days old!, and even the tables looked ancient.

seem to be just about as old.
The food was robust. A 250 gm fillet steak must have been at least 50% more than promised.
Covered in a decent mushroom sauce, which also bathed most of the chips it was cooked as requested - no complaints.
Score: 12.75/20

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