Monday, August 29, 2016

Clock by the Bay (Portland Victoria) 08/2016

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When I arrive at a place at which I'm no0t familiar I often ask Taxi drivers and locals where in town is the best place to eat. Most recommended the pubs or, perhaps a little more upmarket Edwards. Two Chinese restaurants were also favourably regarded. Only one person, almost as an after thought, mentioned the former Post Office, now a restaurant. I have the time to try both Edwards the Clock and perhaps a Chinese restaurant too.
The Clock resides in an attractive white building on the edge of the harbour. 

It's large windows offer views of the Mac, across the road and of the harbour.

The entrance is up a few stairs to a bright, quite sophisticated eating area.

Tables are a good size, made from limed parquetry flooring.

They offer both a sizeable lunch time menu until 3.00 pm and an evening menu.

I arrived at 2.30 and they were happy to serve me.
I started with a dish of muscles in a spicy sauce with a couple of thick toasted slices of bread to mop up the sauce and cutlery, including a spoon for the sauce. 

The muscles were plump and tender and the sauce well balanced and not overwhelmingly spiced. A very good dish.
After that I had a main course of perfectly cooked ling with crumbed shitake mushrooms and a pleasing salad. 

This good size piece of very fresh very white flaky fish has nothing 'fishy' about it's delicate flavour.

 I could have done without it but the chef's gourmet selection of petit desserts ($19) sounded too good to miss. 

It had enough calories for the whole day, perhaps more.
It included a chocolate pot, a lemon curd in a glass, a pannacota, a creme brulee, a slice of rich chocolate cake, a few raspberries and small meringues and lots of sweet crumbs and crumbed nuts plus an espresso coffee. Over all it was a bit too sweet.
It would have been good to share but I ate the lot with the greatest of pleasure. 
Service was a little slow but my wait person was very cheerful and pleasant.
Including a Lemon lime and bitters this was a substantial very good meal. 
Score 15.5/20

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