Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Peppers at Cradle Mountain (Tasmania) 07/201

It was a grey and drizzly day when I set off for lunch at cradle Mountain, little realizing what a long and twisty journey it was going to be. If you are prone to car sickness I'd look for somewhere else to go but otherwise it is a beautiful drive. 
The building looks the same as the last time we were here some 20 years ago. 

Not much to impress on the outside.

 But inside is another story. A multitude of lounges with big wood fires, comfortable couches and arm chairs wrapped around residents occupied with their knitting, crosswords, board games and children.

They have two restaurants, The Highland restaurant, which is only open for dinner and a Tavern Bar and Bistro. The Highland is fine dining and pricey 

and, had it been possible, I would certainly have tried the food there.

The Tavern is very much like a ski lodge 
with a split level room the lower part having a bar at one end,
including a mountain water dispenser,
a fine view along one side, 
a central wood fire
and a pool table. It's warm and offers a sort of Spartan comfort. 
The menu is simple 

and the food sustaining.

My papradelles with fetta and mushrooms would not be out of place in any bistro.
Time for a stroll.





 A little bit of wonderland!
Comments Score: 13.75/20

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