Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Gordon (Portland, Victoria) 08/201

Portland seems to be a quiet town 

with plenty of takeaway food places and lots of pubs serving meals.
I tested the water at one of the popular spots on the edge of the harbour, The Gordon Hotel.

This is an absolutely typical Australian country pub serving substantial meals undistinguished from hundreds of other similar establishments. The sea food comes from across the road so it's very fresh. There's the usual board of specials

and coffee and cakes

and a slightly less expensive lunch menu offering a wide range of dishes. The minestrone soup was a meal in itself.

Looks normal here but it was at least twice the size of a uual serveA main course is enough to eat unless you are very hungry, which I was not.
As such I started and ended with a spaghetti marinara which turned up as a fettuccini marinara served with a pile of parmesan cheese flakes. 

It had plenty of scallops and prawns and a thick sauce lacking seasoning. 
My friend ordered scallops in a cream garlic sauce which she said was tasty although they turned out to be prawns rather than the scallops she ordered.
Chicken schnitzel though it needed a steak knife to eat it in comfort was exactly what one might expect, as was battered fish and chips.

Lambs fry was three large pieces of, for my liking, over cooked liver which would also have been much better if they was not so cool.

 Score: 12.75/20

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