Saturday, July 21, 2012

Merrywell (Southbank) 07/2012

How should we tell you about this. It's a little bit of America come to Southbank. Merrywell is not the usual bar and hamburger joint it's more like an upmarket cafe with a specialty - hamburgers but not just meat, also chicken and fish. What's more they are remarkable for being both inexpensive, $15 including chips and a pint, but also they are remarkably good. They come in a paper bag that conceals a big bun filled with a ton of extremely tasty and very moist, just cooked beef and the usual veggies.
They leave those dives like the former Daniels, so beloved by Matt Preston, for dead. Scottish chef Grant MacPherson, seen here with Melissa Pinder, who invited us to this lunch,
comes here after 17 years in Las Vegas having cooked at Wynns and the Bellagio. He has a light hand and Merrywell serves a variety of Taco's,
and desserts
as well as their burgers. It's a very big place seating about 400. It offers a casual inside/outside ground floor eating area and a large, slightly more formal, 1st floor dining area.Up the stairs
Definitely a great place for 'burgers.
Score 13.75/20

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