Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Melasti (Bali) 07/2012

There are about 15 restaurants along the shore at Jimbaraya beach which, we were assured, are all of similar very good quality and moderately priced. Assurances assurances. They may be of similar quality but it's not very good and it can be pretty expensive. There are some added extras, apart from sitting by the sea and listening to the lapping waves. There was a group, dressed in Balinese outfits but sounding distinctly Russian, singing 60's hit tunes, and a pair of Balinese girls performing traditional Balinese dances. We also had a most delightful waitress, Annie, who was instantly at our side if we wanted anything but otherwise unobtrusive. On arrival we were greeted by a very pretty girl who picked a flower out of a great bowl of them and put it behind our ears. Despite these substantial organs in my case that lasted about 20 seconds.
The waiters happily moved our table closer to the stage and within moments a bowl of soup arrived. It was a thickish chicken broth with some corn kernels and some spices but very light on taste.
We ordered the two largest lobsters they could find which were grilled, over cooked unfortunately, served with a garlic sauce, fries, rice, a viciously acidic salad and sea spinach, a sort of fibrous green vegetable. A cafe style meal and an unforgettable night, mostly for the wrong reasons but we pretended as much as we could!Score 13/20

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