Saturday, January 01, 2011

Shutters on the Beach (Santa Monica) 12/2010

We dropped in to this popular, very in, swank hotel lounge for a snack and to enjoy the sunset
before dinner. The lounge has a bar at the far end
and extends to a fairly narrow beach. They have a fancy restaurant next door at which one might go to eat or spot celebrities, or both. We ordered a boring snack of crumbed calamari
with a pesto sauce,
an odd combination. Sandra thought it worked well with the basil but I much preferred it with a home made tomato and onion salsa, which came later, and a glass of wine. French champagne is remarkably inexpensive. Piper Heisdeck and Louis Roderer are often $11 or $12 while Californian chardonnay, like Rombauer runs to $22 a glass!

Score:!8/20 for the view, let's not mention the snack.


Danny said...

This beach really looked so gorgeous! Now I know why people like me really love going to the beach. Every time we go to some resorts, we just don't swim or enjoy the scenery but we also eat. As for me, I enjoy beach restaurants (Destin, Florida area) because the restaurants in Destin, FL offer great dining services and the food that they serve are so delicious.

Elliot and Sandra said...

Enjoying food is always the whole package - the scene, ambiance, service and company all play a part. Sometimes even the sunset becomes significant.
One day we'll get to Florida (There is a town called Melbourne there, which happens to be where I was born, but in Australia)

Shutters on the Beach said...

shutters on the Beach is a Lovely, stylish and peaceful, fascinating place to relax along with luxury and comfort. Nice view of the beach. Service I would say not so impressive but it was OK. The atmosphere is very nice, Santa Monica's great and Shutters seem like the perfect place to enjoy LA.

Elliot and Sandra said...

We certainly enjoyed Santa Monica. Nice atmosphere about the whole area.