Sunday, January 16, 2011

Le Petit Chateau (Quebec City) 01/2011

Conveniently placed little more than 100 metres from the front door of Le Frontenac, This small restaurant offers fondue and raclette and also specializes in crepes. They will serve any of these for for a single patron so, typically. we decided to have a bit of everything. The table was extremely crowded with the apparatus for these dishes. The raclette is made by leaving a wedge of raclette cheese under a heater on the shiny tray in this photo.
The heating element, above it, can be raised or lowered as desired to vary the rate it melts. After a few minutes the tray is slid forward and tilts so that the cheese can be scrapped off onto a hot plate before being eaten together with a variety of meat, pickles, vegetables and roast potato.
The tray can then be moved back to horizontal and slid back under the heat until it has melted sufficiently for the process to be repeated until it's all gone.
We had a choice of meat fondue and picked bison

because it was so good last time we had it. It came with plenty of bread and a small salad.

There were any number of fillings for crepes, we chose ham and cheese!! Ideal for a winters day.

Quebec City is the only place we have ever visited which has a lot of small bistro cafe restaurants offering fondue and I wish we were here longer to try them all. In this case the raclette was difficult and a bit messy to control. The cheese also hardened quickly so it was either too hot or too cold. The fondue was excellent, the beef broth made a tasty soup after the meal. This is a simple, no nonsense, restaurant thal we enjoyed
Score: 13/20

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