Saturday, January 01, 2011

PF Chang (Fantasy Island, Newport Beach) 12/2010

An American friend, Paula, from Newport Beach introduced us to this chain of medium to low priced American restaurants. PF Chang has a great view over the Pacific Ocean,
a substantial bar with the usual two TV's
showing sport overhead, comfortable seating
and swift and friendly service. There is a large mural of Chinese life, a century ago
at one end of the room. Robbie, our server was an especially charming fellow. Food is Americanized Chinese. Apart from the a la carte menu there was a $39.90 banquet for two. Two soups, chose from two, one appetizer, choose from half a dozen, two mains, choose from about eight and two mini desserts again from about eight choices. fellow. Both the hot and sour soup
and the chicken and corn soup
were palatable but that's about all. A chicken wrap turned out to be what we commonly call san chao bou, excuse the spelling.
With the difference being that here you fill the lettuce leaf yourself. This, and the rest of the dishes, comes with a variety of hot sauces, mustard and chili oil which is a feature of American Chinese restaurants. An extra appetizer of crispy calamari was very crisp with little taste of it's own beyond the batter. Once again we tried sweet sour pork in batter. It lacked the special taste when green peppers are used. An unremarkable steamed prawn dish with some vegetables was served with choice of white or brown rice.
We chose a chocolate cake and a chocolate mousse for dessert.
both rich, the mousse had just the right texture for us.
Score 13/20 but 18/20 for the view.

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