Monday, January 17, 2011

Le Continental (Quebec City) 01/2011

A restaurant that you know, as soon as you enter, is going to be expensive. It occupies an attractive large room in which patrons dress almost as well as the waiters and speak with respect for other diners. There is plenty of engraved glass paneling which helps the atmosphere of refinement.
Food is beautifully presented. My combined appetizer

made up of a substantial piece of pate, scampi, sweatbreads and a crisp pastry collar stuffed with prawns was very very good. Sandra's duck foie gras "au torchon", brioche and candied vegetables did not shine as a photo
but tasted as it should. A fine appetizer.were removed from their shells and replaced on the back of the shells. They were quite small and very sweet and tender.
Sweatbreads were perfectly prepared

with no skerrick of fiber.They had a dessert table

which we skipped.
Everything here was in tune. Very nice in every way, Certainly the best dinner we ate in Quebec
Score: 16.25/20

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