Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ripples Seafood & BBQ Restaurant

Introduction: At 40-42 Glenferrie Rd Malvern Ph 95095365 this popular Chinese restaurant serves a daily Yum Cha (11.30 to 3.00pm) as well as having an a la carte menu and takeway. Free delivery for 3Km for orders over $35
Ambience: Bustling. Waitresses/ers move efficiently about the white cloth and butcher paper covered tables effortlessly lifting their trolleys up the steps which separate several areas of the restaurant

Service: Indistiguishable from a multitude of others

Food: The Yum Cha is very good. They have the usual 3 items per serve for most things however the serves are distinctly larger than at most places. Gyoza, fried Won Ton, Eggplant stuffed with prawns, a lightly chilli prawn dumpling Tripe with either a light sate or a ginger sauce, scallop dumpling, shark fin dumpling and a crispy skin duck dish with appropriate sauce were all very good

Wine Licences for BYO Wine

Price Reasonable - about $50 for the above lot. Drinks extra

Comments: It is just a coincidence that it is next door to an establishment that promises to improve your health by washing out your large bowel!

Will not make big waves but well named. Worth a return visit.
Score:13.75 /20

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Anonymous said...

Second visit every bit as good as the first
Don't miss the exotic sea anenomies in the aquarium just inside the entrance - extraordinary!