Thursday, March 15, 2007


Introduction: At 211 Brunswick St Fitzroy this restaurant really does provide an interval of different character.
Ambience: Comfortably furnished with good quality linen cloths and serviettes, cutlery and some striking crockery, this carpeted room provides a pleasing environment for a good meal

Service: Faultless. Prompt and informed attention

Food: The menus are available on their web page - We had the major degustation menu with matched wines. All the dishes were well balanced and, with the exception of a little too much tabasco for my taste in the lamb tartar, quite excellent.
Particularly outstanding were the 'bacon and eggs'. cooked at 62 degrees for 36 hours with a strip of crisp bacon and a lovely sauce. This was my pick of them.

Also high on my list was the squab with a treacle sauce and a truly great Rock flathead with smoked milk and chowder juices and the Roquefort, grape, walnuts, apple was also fabulous.
The matching of the corned duck with a Gewurtztraminer was unusual and not to my taste
Wine: Stewart, the sommelier has done a very good of selecting a range of wines from France, Italy, Spain New Zealand and Australia. Whilst mostly not top shelf they are all more than acceptable. The French champagne was a great start and the Spanish Muscat excellent

Price: $175 for the food $100 for 12 wines (60 ml) For anyone who has been to good restaurants in Europe or America you will know that this is fantastic value
but it is expensive compared to most 'good' restaurants
Comments: Under rated at only 2 hats by the Age Good Food Guide
A return visit a year later and even more impressed
Score: 17.5/20

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