Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jade Kew Restaurant

Introduction At 10/4-14 Walpole St Kew you are unlikely ever to find this place unless by recommendation of a local
Ambience Large carpetted room with reasonably spaced large round tables, white linen cloths and small green serviettes! Chinese caligraphy covered A4 sheets hang around the walls with only the price per pound at the bottom and at the top the subject e.g. Lobster ($48) in English. Pleasant and a good place to eat and talk

Service Unobtrusive good although tho not exceptional

Food We had an entree of fried won ton which were almost entirely pastry and spring rolls which were very average. Pre ordered Peking duck followed. Carved, and wrapped in pancake with the usual accoutrements, at the adjacent table it was quite excellent. It might have been even better had we not been half an hour late! The duck was then chopped up and returned in a very good soup with tofu, mushroom and bok choy I can still taste the bones

The desserts - fritters, fried ice cream and fried bean paste pancake were all very rich
Wine BYO, very reasonable, or licenced but I did not look at the wine list

Price Extremely reasonable at around $25/head

Comments Definitely worth going for the Peking duck if you enjoy that.
Incidently, the most expensive thing ariund the wall was Coral trout at $58/lb!
Score: 14.25/20

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