Sunday, August 13, 2006

Golden Lake

Introduction: At 4/288 Rear Springvale Rd Springvale, adjacent to the Springvale market
Ambience: Pass the hanging roast ducks and the bain marie with chiken feet, tripe lights and othe chinese delicacies to a large pleasant room. Well spaced, White linen, carpeted and comfortable.

Service: S l o w. I did not complain at the unusual result of a request for a glass of house red - a glass filled to a mm from the top.

Food: Had it arrived while still warm I think it would have been quite nice. After a crab and sweetcorn soup that tasted just like a chicken and sweetcorn soup and a dish of overcooked pork spare ribs we had seafood and vegetables in a basket, Crystal prawns, sweet and sour pork in light batter. None of these dishes was worth any special comment


BYO extremely limited list including a couple by the glass
Price: Not expensive

Comments:Too many other good places to go to

Score: 12.5/20


Anonymous said...

I think that you should put the address of the restaurant in your reviews more often.


Elliot and Sandra said...

Tx for the suggestion I'll try to remember to do that