Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Brasserie at Crown

Introduction: Phillipe Mouchel's restaurant - a sort of upper class French Bistro
Ambience: Nice river outlook with occassional blasts of heat from the flaming gas jets outside. Feels like it will not be cheap
Service: Attentive - what I expect from a place like this
Food: Fish soup $15.91 was ultimately most notable for the price! Shellfish salad was regretably just OK The Guinea fowl, on special, wrapped in a pastry purse on a bed of lentils was a bit dry, quite tasty but less than excellent, and a rather small course too at $31.81. The porterhouse steak requested warm blue, served rare, was a nice piece of meat but again nothing special. The best dish was the cassoulet $31.82 would you believe. A good example of a French specilaty The side dish of cauliflower in a rich cream sauce $5.00 - no cents (!) was the best value of the meal.

The tasting plate of desserts $20.00 was also a joy to the sweet toothed
Wine: A reasonable list from which you should be able to find something to meet your taste at a fair price We enjoyed a Hollys Pinot Gris 05 for a mere $47.27!!!

Price: Moderately expensive

Comments; I've heard a lot of negative comments about the Brasserie. It's not that bad but it's not that good either
The pricing of dishes is incomprehensible
Score:14 /20


Anonymous said...

Here's another review of the Brasserie
Brasserie at the Crown
I recently had the pleasure of having lunch at the restaurant of Philippe Mouchel.
The occasion started well with complimentary valet parking – no small deal at the Casino.
The restaurant is light, airy with a view of the river.
The waiter was very helpful as there were lots of tempting choices – one main which was outstanding
was the wagyu ox cheek served with truffled mash and carrots – listed at $37.50 but included in the lunch special
2 course meal f$37.90
3course meal for $43.90
The food was well presented and described by a friend
as “outstanding French cuisine!” – not surprising as Philippe Mouchel
worked with Paul Bocuse,
The final coup de grace was a gift of a box of Swiss nougat chocolates for each of us as we left

Anonymous said...

Valet parking is available free for diners at quite a few Crown restaurants BUT only at lunch time - inquire when you make your reservation