Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Shark Fin Inn City

Introduction; One of Melbournes long time favourite places for Yum Cha at 50-52 Little Bourke St.
Ambience: Typical of all popular Yum Cha restaurants. Good humoured boistrous noisy and crowded

Service: Trolley service with attractive uni student parttime waitrsses adding to the atmosphere. Very good variety. Experienced diners will wait for the dishes they particularly like but you can also, usually, order something 'a la carte'

Food: I did not expect anything special so I was exceptionally pleased with the excellent tastes and combinations. Steamed dim sims with pork and peanuts was outstanding as were the stuffed eggplant and the sessame prawns on toast. There's plenty to please everyone

Wine: They have some reasonabe and inexpensive 'wines of the month' but i settled for

Chinese tea!
Price: We ate like pigs for less than $30 / head

Comments: Not only as good as my previous favourite Yum Cha restaurant but even better!

Score: 16/20

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