Monday, March 13, 2006

Wallah Falafel and Grill

Introduction: A Moroccan and Israeli influenced Shishlik, Burger or Pita pocket restaurant at 302 Carlisle Street Balaclava
Ambience: Pretty well indistiguishable from a dozen similar places on strip shopping centres

Service: Amiably inefficient

Food: The Pita pocket stuffed with eggplant, hommus and garden salad with plenty of beef - you could have lamb, beef kebab or chicken if you liked, was large and very satisfying. Served with a tiny plate of lightly marinated vegetables it made an excellent lunch. Their Felafel balls are large, crisp on the outside and soft in the centre and go well with the lightly lemon flavoured hommus

Price: Cheap cash only at present Dips $6 - 7.5 Snacks $4 - 9 Pita pockets $7 - 8.5 Mains $15 - 17.5

Comments: Open from 11.00 am 'till late every day. Rather limited menu but good value for a meal of its type A revisit was as good as before with the addition that the menu is being enlarged and now includes salmon fillet - barbecued, and steak

Score: 13.5/20
Comment After a fire their has been a pleasant renovation. Other changes include an increase in prices by $3 or $4 and a credit card facility. Service is also improved

The Age Cheap Eats has given them 2 stars


Anonymous said...

Wallah now takes credit cards and the food is as good as ever. The eggplant salad outstanding with a great taste from the BBQ

Anonymous said...

My family and I all got shocking food poisoning after eating there. Avoid eating there at all costs !!!!!

Anonymous said...

The service was very slow and the waiters were rude.

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi Anon
Are you two one and the same or is ti coincidental that you share the same name?
I think food poisoning is a natural hazard of eating out but if you think the conditions are unsanitary call the health department. They'll check it out.
If you happened to get food poisoning at home would you stop eating there? It can happen in quite clean establishments.
Slow service is a pain and I avoid places that have it as a regular feature. Rude waiters are totally unacceptable and the combination usually fatal to a restaurant. If all that and poison food were the usual thing Wallah would have failed years ago.

Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time

Anonymous said...

Shocking food - charred meat and raw on the inside .. not rare, but raw. Chef tried to redo the dish, came back the same .. raw and stringy.
To make our evening worse, owner / chef was argumentative, not apologetic.

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi Anon,
It's a long time since we ate there but have heard that it has gone down hill. We often pass by and have noticed that they remains very busy. We will try it again before long and update our views