Monday, March 20, 2006


Introduction: This old favourite has been at 1193 High St Armadale for nearly 20 years
Ambience: The long narrow room with tables down one side and a cabinet displaying the freshest of fish on the other side has a distinctly oriental feel to it

Service Attentive and informative

Food: Generally of very good standard. The ingredients are excellent however some of the dishes are somewhat bland. The seafood hot pot is a prime example and the traditional Japanese hot pot has the same problem. The roasted eggplant entreeis excellent and the steam crab dumpling very delicate. Their Tempura dishes are all crisp and as tasty as can be expected. The deep fried soft shell crab, another simple dish served with tempura and dipping sauce was especially pleasing.

The desserts are better than expected their mousse being exceptional
Wine: A modest list at reasonable prices

Price: A little above average. About $50 a head

Comments: Well worth a visit for Japanese food lovers

Score: 14/20

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