Sunday, July 17, 2005

Tivoli Club

Introduction: Starting in 1860 as a mens gymnastic club this was combined with the German club in 1921
Ambience: Very comfortable and quiet on Sunday night. For the rest of the week - who knows!

Service: Efficient

Food: Two outstanding dishes the Schweinhaxen seved with sauerkraut and roast potato a roast leg of pork (from ankle to knee) and the Eisbein, the same but smoked and ? broiled are tender, tasty and filling. The veal goulash with spatzel (pardon my spelling) and red cabbage was also very tasty and super tender. Schnitzels have been a bit dry in the past and I did not test them today

Desserts a bit ordinary. The Apple strudel made on puff pastry seemed undercooked to me
Wine: A small inexpensive range. Many German beers available

Price: Generally inexpensive About $45 for two

Comments: a very good peasant style German restaurant. On the corner of Dandenong Rd And Chomley St Windsor. Plenty of off street parking

Score: 14/20

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