Monday, July 18, 2005

Bayswater Brasserie

Bayswater Brasserie is located at 32 Bayswater Road,in the infamous Kings Cross, Sydney, and offers Modern Australian cuisine to Sydney’s trendy and well-heeled yuppie set. Its dishes are inoffensive, based on simple, fresh ingredients that continue to impress regulars and visitors alike.
Bayswater Brasserie strives to provide the diner with the ambience of a Parisian bistro. Whether it achieves this or not is entirely subjective, but what the restaurant does achieve is an environment that is entirely comfortable; the design and layout of the restaurant offers a level of privacy to each table, but the energetic vibe of the restaurant creates a warm and exciting place to dine.
The menu offers a good selection of appealing dishes. So much so, that it is one of the few restaurants where I have found it extremely difficult to choose between dishes. My table of ravenous twenty-something girlfriends, all of whom have very healthy appetites, decided to start on a selection of oysters, which were freshly shucked and served with eschallot vinegar before our eyes.
My partner often criticizes me for not being particularly adventurous when it comes to ordering out. So, I decided to go against my usual habits, and ordered Crisp Pork Belly with Celeriac Remoulade, something that I have never eaten. I was thoroughly disappointed with the dish, not so much because of its execution, which was clearly outstanding. What I found so thoroughly wrong with this dish was the pork belly itself. I should have ordered the Barramundi with Flageolet Bean Cassoulet or even the Prosciutto wrapped Chicken with Pea Puree, but perhaps I am too set in my ways. Two of my girlfriends ordered sirloin steak with porcini butter and chips, which is a favourite when girls dine out alone, and they were not disappointed. My last girlfriend ordered Blue Swimmer Crab Lasagne with Tomato Beurre Blanc, which was positively delicious!
We were all on the verge of tears when we were politely informed that the Raspberry Bombe Alaska had sold out, which we had been eying of at the table next to us, but were able to choose two other indulgent desserts. Conscious that we had already consumed a huge amount of rich food, we chose to share two desserts between the four of us, which was a perfect end to the meal. We chose a Passionfruit Soufflé with Mascarpone Cream and Chocolate Marquis with Frangelico Ice-cream. I still don’t know what the fuss is about soufflé which has failed to impress me throughout my whole life, despite being treated to the famous Chocolate Soufflé at Maxims, Melbourne by my parents many times throughout my twenty-five years. However, the Chocolate Marquis with Frangelico Ice-cream was everything I expected and more. In fact, it was almost as good as a bag of Haighs Peppermint Frogs.
The girls shared a bottle of champagne and a bottle of white wine. I chose to refrain given that I was designated driver and don’t often indulge in wine in preference for a real drink!
Prices were competitive for a Sydney restaurant. Starters are priced at approximately $15. Mains cost between $22 for the vegetarian option up to $40. Desserts were $12.50.
A fabulous find that is well worth visiting on your next trip to Sydney.
Score:15.5 /20
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