Friday, July 29, 2005

The Near East Restaurant

Introduction: Around the corner from the South Melbourne town hall at 254 Park St this restaurant serves a variety of modernised South East Asian dishes
Ambience: With few tables occupied being being back to back with an irritable baby dulled any joy I might have felt about the surroundings. I also found the jaundiced cutlery unattractive

Service: Good!

Food: Mains were just OK. A lobster san chao bau entree was tasty. A deep fried baby snapper was also good, however the fillet steak with vegetables was ordinary and a very small serve at that, the pork ribs in mandarin sauce was in a heavy batter and the pork had been stripped off the bone which did not leave the kitchen, and the beef hot pot was uninspiring.

We tried 3 desserts - a lemon tart, a triple chocolate creation and a passion fruit custard none of which I would ever order again
Wine: BYO and licensed - we brought our own

Price: At about $50 per person all in all I think it's expensive

Comments: Not my cup of Thai
Score: Maybe 13/20

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