Saturday, July 02, 2005


Introduction: At 291 Corrigan Road Keysborough this small restaurant seems to be well known and well liked by the local cognisanti
Ambience: I felt a little like being in someones dining room.

Service: Quick - they were not very busy at the time

Food: The Superior Banquet ($22) gives you 3 entrees choice of 3 main courses, rice and dessert. the Samosa's were large, crisp and not too spicy, the tandoori Chicken was done in a gas oven and lacked the characteristic charcoal flavour added to the normal tandoori spices and the kebab was a bit dry. After this, not having high expectations, I was impressed with the main courses. The chicken Korma, the spinach paneer with home made cottage cheese and the fish (Rockling) cooked in coconut milk were all excellent with fine sauces dessert of home made Kulfi (icecream) was extremely good as was the Gulab
jamun - a cottage cheese dumpling in sugar syrup
Wine: BYO

Price: Very inexpensive. There is a smaller choice banquet for $17. Most mains $9-12

Comments: If you live within cooee of Keysborough and you want an Indian meal look no further this is the place to go

Score: 14/20

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Anonymous said...

This is a great restaurant to dine - in. Mehfil has been classified as the only TOP INDIAN BYO RESTAURANTS IN MELBOURNE. (Herald Sun 2000)
Having known all the staff, their friendliness always gets me running back. The food is extravagant and amazing how their quality of food stays the same. The quantity of the food is quite large, and prices are inexpensive. All staff are welcoming and always smiling. This is the place to dine.I strongly recommend this place.